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My Proccess and My Passions

About Me

Tomás began his composing/producing career in 2017 Graduating from BIMM Dublin with a BA in Commercial Modern Music and Songwriting. With a background in Classical, Latin Jazz and traditional Irish Music he studied guitar, Piano, Flute, and other traditional Irish instruments blending his Puerto Rican and Irish heritage through his compositions.


With an emphasis on Sound Design, Composition, and mix engineering his process involves electronic music and synthesizers, live instrumentation, and field recordings. As a music composer for hire, he takes pride in being approachable, collaborative, inclusive, and musically versatile. Some main genres include electronica, Indie, Traditional Irish Music, Soul/Jazz, and Pop.


Previous experience includes scoring theatre and producing music for his own personal music projects.

My Vision

I believe in the power of sound to create stories that resonate with all listeners. I find enjoyment in collaborating with clients by combining technical capabilities, refined sonic composition, and storytelling fluency. 

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